What is VIR

Auction Streaming Vehicle Inspection Report for Online Auctions provides you with instant access to your vehicle condition reports.Automatic Feeds to all major Online Auctions! Data Acquisition from Mobile Phone and Tablets and post in minutes.

Increase Revenue & Consumer Confidence

Traditionally, vehicle inspections were with pen and paper, often resulting in inconsistent and/or incomplete recording, reporting and tracking of a vehicle condition.

Our Vehicle Inspection Report™ software transforms the old, paper-based vehicle inspection process into a “real-time” data stream that provides storage,reporting and data distribution capabilities your auction needs to be competitive in today’s market.

vehicle inspection report application

Lost revenue from not providing a “Vehicle Inspection Report”:
Vehicle Inspection = $35(average) x 400 units (average/month) = $14,000 / month
Lost sales due to lack of CR (65 units x $375 (average sale fee)) = $24,375 / month
Total revenue loss per month (estimated) = $38,375 / month

Please note all numbers are based on real live auction data from our clients who utilize the VIR to remarket their dealers inventory.